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Key Challenges in Healthcare Challenges and recommended next steps for Healthcare Payors and Providers Infographic
Communities Impact on the Customer Experience Watch this video to learn the key issues that customer communities help to solve to create a loyal, engaged customer-base. Video
SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute Learn how SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute turns raw data into critical business information. Product Collateral
Putting the Customer in Context Putting the Customer into Context - The Next Step to Delivering Exceptional Experiences Webcast
SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing offers a flexible solution for automating the billing and invoicing process. Product Collateral
TUI Poland: Reaching New Heights in Traveler Satisfaction with the SAP Hybris Commerce Solution With SAP Hybris Commerce, TUI Poland can now personalize with behavior targeting and enhance the customers Case Study
Jenny and the “Not 2 Cool” Apartment See how CoolAir2U uses social customer service and machine learning to recognize Jenny’s issue and quickly get her air conditioner back up and running! Video
Approaches and Considerations for Delivering Great Digital Customer Experiences Watch this short webinar by Chris Fletcher of Gartner and Riad Hijal of SAP Hybris to learn about delivering great digital customer experiences. Webcast
Microservices: Re-writing the future rules of customer service

Great service is consistent, adaptable and flexible. Learn how microservices are changing the world of customer service.


White Paper
Make Customers Happy with the SAP Hybris Service Cloud Portfolio

With SAP Hybris Service Cloud addresses priority customer issues through simplified service delivery, timely customer insights and the right people with the right parts and knowledge at the right time.

Product Collateral
Using Advanced Analytics to Track the Customer Journey in Insurance Leading-edge Solutions help insurers better understand and enhance the customer experience. White Paper
Vinnie’s Breakdown: A Self-Help Story SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch - The best support ticket is the one that doesn’t need to be created! Video
Maui Jim: Personalizing the Customer Experience with SAP Hybris Expert Services Learn why Maui Jim decided to engage with SAP Hybris Expert Services to drive their long-term digital strategy and innovation. Case Study
SAP Partner Catalog Launch SAP Hybris Expert Services help launch SAP Partner Benefits Catalog with SAP Hybris Commerce powered by SAP HANA on Monsoon platform. Case Study
Exploring the Business Impact of Service on Customer Engagement This whitepaper, led by Aberdeen, shows how companies achieving service excellence also gain higher ratings in customer satisfaction, NPS and customer retention. White Paper
SAP Hybris Marketing Webinar – Win the customer not just a visitor 30th March yMarketing Webinar Recording. Presented by Izabela Wisłocka (PwC) and Adam Goljan (SAP). Video
Cintas: Delivering a Digital Customer Experience Cintas is delivering a Digital Customer Experience with SAP Solutions and SAP Hybris Commerce Case Study
Insurance Megavendors Shift Focus to Digital Platforms The new Gartner report discussed how Insurance Megavendors are changing their digital platforms to support customer experience, analytics and IoT requirements. Analyst Report
Boost Customer Experiences by Combining Self Service and Agent-assisted Service This whitepaper looks at the customer journey and examines how self-service and communities are (or aren’t) working effectively. White Paper
SAP Store gains greater efficiencies thanks to SAP Hybris Commerce upgrade SAP runs SAP: learn how SAP Hybris Expert Services took the SAP Store to next level with an upgrade to SAP Hybris Commerce v. 6.0 Case Study
2017 Retail Study: Customers are calling the shots Get the findings from PwC research study exploring consumer and retailer perspectives on the integrated shopping experience. White Paper
Digitally Engaging Food Shoppers for Dummies Learn about new trends that are changing the face of food shopping and look at the profile of the new food shopper. eBook
New Pig Corp. soaks up the benefits with SAP Hybris enterprise commerce solutions New Pig Corporation, a leading manufacturer of absorbents and supplier of leak and spill control products, used SAP Hybris solutions to upgrade the online buying experiences for its B2B customers. Case Study
TXU Energy: Increasing Revenue by Crafting the Right Pricing Offers in Real Time TXU Energy: Increasing Revenue by Crafting the Right Pricing Offers in Real Time Case Study
SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud drives digital transformation and enables you to become an omni-channel business, delivering contextual customer experiences and unifying customer processes. Product Collateral
Overview of SAP Hybris for Utilities

This video provides an overview of the full SAP Hybris Suite and how it helps Utilities transform themselves to deliver exceptional experiences, add new channels and evolve their business models.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud – Free Trial

A series of videos related to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud – Free Trial, a solution that brings together tools so you can understand and engage your customers.

ATB Financial: Driving Customer Digital Banking Sales, Onboarding, and Activation with SAP Hybris Commerce ATB uses SAP Hybris Commerce to deliver an award-winning customer experience to a broad spectrum of customers. Case Study
Customer Testimonial with T-Systems Jurgen Lumb lead of the Hybris Billing solutions from T-Systems leads an interview about how T-Systems best utilizes the Hybris Billing solutions. Case Study
Trek Bicycle Corporation brings bikes and gear directly to
customers with SAP Hybris Commerce
Trek Bicycle Corporation works with SAP Hybris to launch a centralized commerce shop, giving customers direct access to their bikes and gear online. Case Study
Overview of SAP Hybris for Automotive

This video will provide an overview of the full SAP Hybris Suite and how it helps Automotive companies transform themselves to deliver exceptional experiences, add new channels and evolve their business models.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

This video gives you an overview of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

Product Demo
SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud, standard edition Go beyond linear, fixed monetization processes to a solution that lets you anticipate, plan and adapt your system dynamically. Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Service Cloud

SAP Hybris Service Cloud has everything you need to manage your customer service process, from initial customer contact all the way through to billing.

Product Demo
Vibracoustic: Managing Complex Sales Planning Globally with SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Sales Take a look at how this German manufacturer of antivibration solutions for the automotive industry enabled its employees to forecast how sales would develop globally with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales. Case Study
Healthcare: Insights & opportunities in the managed care industry Healthcare providers and payers should be prepared to make comprehensive and integrated changes to their digital landscape. Knowledge Capsule
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Real-Time Customer Profiling SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud features dynamic customer profiling capabilities that pull from online and offline sources to build an evolving picture of your customers that you can use to engage them more effectively. Product Collateral
Overview of SAP Hybris for Manufacturers

This video will provide an overview of the full SAP Hybris Suite and how it helps manufacturers digitally transform themselves.

Hybris as a Service

A series of videos related to YaaS (Hybris as a Service), a set of digital transformation tools that help your organization innovate faster and more efficiently

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Segmentation & Campaign Execution SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud lets you easily identify the right target audience for your campaigns and personalize your messages across multiple channels so you can reach the right customers at the right moments. Product Collateral
Overview of SAP Hybris for High-Tech

This video provides an overview of the full SAP Hybris Suite and how it helps high-tech companies deliver exceptional experiences, add new channels and evolve their business models.

SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud

SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud meets your customers’ expectations and delivers great experiences by engaging with your customers anywhere, at any time and on any device

Product Demo
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud is a mobile first solution that focuses on the four key areas that help your business to act faster, become more relevant, have a strong presence and sell more.

Product Demo
Creating Simplified Customer Loyalty at Piaggio

Piaggio Group discuss how understanding the behavior of a consumer through digital marketing is the key to keeping customers loyal.

SAP Hybris Commerce Customer 360° View The SAP Hybris Commerce 360° Customer View provides a snapshot of customer activities, profiles and product and service affinities. Video
Gain a Competitive Edge with Sales and Marketing Alignment Aberdeen Group research and SAP have shown that companies optimizing the marketing and sales relationship grow revenue 32% faster year-over-year, compared to those without such alignment. Video
End-to-End Digital Commerce and Billing Integration

A rich commerce experience meets robust subscription billing functionality

Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud and Facebook Overview SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud makes one-to-one marketing on Facebook simple. Product Collateral
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